O crap!? ugh..confused much...

Shelbynicole91Shelbynicole91 Posts: 72Registered Users
ok so im 15 and i really want to lighten up my hair, its like a brownish color now but used to be really golden blonde, anyways in like 5th grade i dyed my hair really dark brown with like 6 week dye, and it wore off in like 4 months, lmao but ever since its been kinda darker..now maybe its just a considence (sp?) lol but it also got REALLY frizzy..like wierd. ok so i dont want that to happen again..but i really want it back blonde..the thing is should i want to find a salon but i dont know what to ask for..? i was thinking highlights..but idk if it will freak my hair out again! PLUS i want it to look totally naturaul, lol, not all streaky and fake ugh i know im difficult, haha

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