Thinning hair/ hair loss- co washing to blame??! Help!

AndylynnAndylynn Posts: 2Registered Users
Hi all!

I have always had thick curly hair but over the past year or so I have noticed my roots, especially around the crown, are thinning. I can't honestly tell if I'm loosing any hair OR if it's just thinning (or maybe both), But it's now at the point where there are small patches where scalp shows through. I'm NOT bald in those areas but the hair has become so thin that you can see the scalp below. At first it wasn't that big of a deal or that noticeable and I just assumed it was cause my hair was splitting/parting there in a weird way but now as time has progressed it's gotten worse and has me in tears. The rest of my hair is still thick and curly, it's just the roots.

I've been trying to figure out what might be going on and trying to pinpoint any changes to my hair routine over the last year and the one thing that comes to mind is that I switched to only co washing (using no shampoo at all, just conditoner). I am aware that health issues and other stuff can cause this hair problem too but I can't help but to think it's strange that this wasn't really an issue until the co washing switch took place.

Does anyone have any similar experiences with co washing or know if there is any truth behind the idea that co washing can cause thinning hair and hair loss???

Any feedback is greatly appreciated. Thanks!!!!


  • BabyfineBabyfine Posts: 149Registered Users Curl Novice
    I'm far from an expert on this subject but I do know that I can not exclusively CO wash but I'm only a 2A barely a 2b.. I also used to have an oily scalp.
    I first started to go full CG because I wanted to see if my hair would get curlier, and healthier. this was 8 years ago.
    I quite sulfates and shampoo'ed every 4th day with a good low poo(sulfate free) My hair started looking better! But...
    I got buildup on my scalp over time, when i went in from a trim my stylist noticed patches of cradle cap(I only get trims every 3-4 months or so).
    Now she is not a curly stylist but when I told her my routine she said my scalp needed a stronger shampoo at least twice a week. She recommended the 3 step Nioxin (has sulfates and cones) wash every other day.
    this cleared up my problem, my hair is a bit thicker and these days I alternated shampooing every other day between the Nioxin and a good sulfate free shampoo. So the Nioxin maybe once or twice a week.
    I also concentrate the washing only on the scalp as much as possible.
    I'm thinking some people can't do strictly CO, but maybe I wasn't doing it right. I probably wasn't scrubbing the scalp the way I should have been.
    I'm looking for more curl, body, volume, and shine-a miracle really.
    Poos" Nioxin, Devacurl, Jessicurl
    Leave in: Ouidad Moisture Lock/B'leavein
    Rinse out: VO5 Kiwi Lime, Mane and Tail,Too Shea
    Mousse: Oscar Blandi Hair Life, Ouidad Playcurl
    Gel: Devacurl Light defining gel
  • Azalea38Azalea38 Posts: 12Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    I have been wondering the same thing! I switched to CG method about 3 months ago and over that time I have been losing a ton more hair in the shower and shedding during the day. I mean I literally have handfuls of hair in the shower. So, I think I'm going to have to go back to my previous wash, which was sulfate free. I have thick 3A hair, however I am completely freaked out about the amount of hair I'm losing. Doing the CG method is not worth it to me if it means losing this much hair on a regular basis.

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