Young And Curly Intro!

SpringCurlsSpringCurls Registered Users Posts: 1
Hello fellow au naturales! I have finally gone natural after bugging my mom about it and I'm so excited about my journey throughout my next chapter of my life, I'm pretty young 14 going on 15 in about two weeks and I'm so excited to start my journey! I hope I learn a lot from you all - xoxo springcurls


  • natillanatilla Registered Users Posts: 4
    Hello! I'm new to this forum too. Congratulations on your journey :)
    3b-3c / coarse / low porosity / high density :tongue:
    Shampoo: Dessert Essence shampoo once a week.
    Leave in: Shea butter mostly, Nature's Gate conditioner, Giovanni direct leave in.
    DC: Giovanni nutrafix hair reconstructor.
    Oils: Sweet almond oil, coconut oil and jojoba oil.

    CG / LOC method lover since 01-14-15 :oops:

    Bleaching and coloring my hair was my worst mistake ever.

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