Redken Fresh Curls sets

MichelleMichelle AdministratorPosts: 742Administrators, Moderators Administrator
Redken is giving away samples of their complete line of Fresh Curls to members. Just click on their ad.



  • MichelleMichelle Administrator Posts: 742Administrators, Moderators Administrator
    It's on the home page, right below the tool bar. Or you can go directly to

  • gatinha321gatinha321 Posts: 8Registered Users
    does everyone get a set or do they "draw" names? I'd really like to try the new line :wink: Thanks.
    Wavy but with products/diffuser, my hair is curly.
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  • sassette726sassette726 Posts: 694Registered Users
    I submitted, hope I get the samples! PJ 4 LIFE!
    2b copper penny red
    "While the rest of the species is descended from apes, redheads are descended from cats."

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  • wild_sasparillawild_sasparilla Posts: 4,306Registered Users
    I submitted, hope I get the samples! PJ 4 LIFE!

    Same here!
    OMG, LOOK!!

    ...It's a siggie. :shock:
  • unique1193unique1193 Posts: 328Registered Users
    Sweet, did it now :]

    Growing out hair to a little above bsl
    pw: ringlets
  • long_n_curlylong_n_curly Posts: 300Registered Users
    Looks like no freebees for us Canadian PJs boo hooo
    I so wanted to try the one for fine limp curls...cuz thats exactly what mine have been like lately!
    Lots of Fine easily weighed down 3A curls
    PJ currently loving Devacare one c, CEHT,& Durahold but still searching for HGs
    Finally grew out my bad layers!!!
  • bostonwavesbostonwaves Posts: 727Registered Users
    Is this stuff CG?
    "What's the good of having naturally curly hair if nobody's jealous?" Freida - Peanuts

    ~CG 8/06 ~
    fine, wavy - 2b/3a
    KCNT and KKCC
  • Leilani42Leilani42 Posts: 200Registered Users
    Awww shoot... I just found the ingredients on, and the conditioner has cyclopentasiloxane.

    So... I won't be using it.
    modified CG since July 2004.
    searching for products that work...
  • [Anonymous User][Anonymous User] Posts: 0 Curl Connoisseur
    It looks like it is a drawing...someone wins it.
    But if it isn't CG friendly, then I wouldn't use it, either.
  • Leilani42Leilani42 Posts: 200Registered Users
    Actually, I found a bottle of this at my grocery store and cyclopentasiloxane was NOT on the ingred list. It had a cone (dimethicone, I think it was), but not the nastiest of the nasty.
    modified CG since July 2004.
    searching for products that work...
  • life's hard for a curllife's hard for a curl Posts: 89Registered Users
    i think the redken curl line featured on is the old one because the picture featured is the blue bottle while the new formulation is green/teal.
    I am a 3c reformed product junkie thanks to the economy.

    I lurk a lot, I change my hair color a lot. It's currently black and bsl when wet and beyond my shoulders still when dry.

    Now I will stop procrastinating and get back to what I was supposed to be doing before I got on here.

    Any questions?
  • heavengirl410heavengirl410 Posts: 821Registered Users
    but not the nastiest of the nasty

    LOL :lol:
  • CarmenCarmen Posts: 31Registered Users
    I just bought the Fresh Curls conditioner and it only contains Amodimethicone. :wink:
    I'm going to try it either tomorrow or on Monday. I hope it's good, because I just love the scent. :lol:
    Natural blonde 3b with some 3c & 3a, thick and coarse
    modified CG since September '06
  • 3cCurly3cCurly Posts: 114Users Awaiting Email Confirmation
    I hope I win! I love getting free stuff :lol:
  • LongNLumpyLongNLumpy Posts: 67Registered Users
    I entered too, but it was tough to pick which type of hair I have,
    I felt like a little bit of both!
    PW: waves
    frizz prone
    long and layered
    NEW to going wavy/curly!
  • Charming NotionCharming Notion Posts: 697Registered Users
    has anyone gotten any results back...? this has been up for awhile...
    formerly;; girl anachronism

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  • DitdahDitdah Posts: 151Registered Users
    It says on the site that the "contest" ends 6/30, then they'll draw 1800 winners. And it says allow 6-8 weeks shipping, so maybe someone will get one in time for Christmas. :shock:
    2B/3A, THICK. CG since 6/5/07
    Alternating Deva LoPoo/VO5 Kiwi Lime, OneC, re:coil, Alagio Curl Cream, LTW, LOOB.
    Always looking to buy/swap for re:coil, Deva Brown stuff
    PW: hair

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