Thinking of Transitioning to Natural

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My hair has been relaxed since I was a little girl because my mom put a relaxer in it when I was young, so I've been wearing my hair straight since then. I'm 24 now and am thinking of going back to natural, but I don't know where to start.

I have no idea what my natural hair type is or how to care for my natural hair. How do I figure out my natural hair type? Should I let my roots grow out for a bit just to see what the texture instead of relaxing it (my mom generally relaxes my hair for me every 6 to 8 weeks). If I go much past that timeframe my roots are super kinky and are hard to pull a comb through, but I admit I don't brush my hair as often as I could so that could be why.

I'm really tired of how flat and straight my relaxed hair is. I use curling irons and wavers to put curls in sometimes but it is still so flat and they never last. I want more volume and body but at the same time I'm a get up and go in the morning kind of person so I don't know if going natural will be hard for me because of that. I also don't want to cut my hair super short. My hair is a bit past shoulder length and I feel that it grows super slowly. I've always wanted long hair but I feel that if I go natural I'll be starting all over. Any advice or tips?

Also, I'm really shy and I feel like I'm not confident enough to wear the cool big beautiful curly styles that I see a lot of women with natural hair wearing.

Thanks for reading, any advice is much appreciated.


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    it sounds like you should give it a try. as you go along, starting now, do a lot of reading. start with 'the curly girl book' by lorraine massey (2009 edition) it is a very light, easy, super-informative read, with lots of photos. you can get it on amazon or devacurl or even at a library. it's not expensive, less than $10. and you can probably even see if curl mart here has it and use the 20% deal.
    read all the threads in the 'newbie' forum.

    curlies don't brush their hair -- curly hair is very fragile (even if is relaxed) and brushing damages the cuticles. also, don't comb your hair iunless you have wet hair with lots of conditioner in it and using a wide-tooth comb to detangle. we style our hair with our fingers.

    there is a lot to learn that makes it easier, so keep reading. also, if you need to get out in the morning quickly, you can wash your hair at night and many of us don't wash our hair every day, so that is a time saver.

    also, you are worried about styling -- you have your hair cut, styled and wear it anyway that suits you.

    take photos as you go along so you can see your progress.

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    I'm currently transitioning! 1,5 years post relaxer and I'm gradually cutting the straight parts off, but I keep the hair long enough so that I can put it in a small bun or pony tail. That's my biggest tip! Currently I'm having 2 dutch braids it looks cute and it's easy to do and redo when needed! Go natural you won't regret it! I hated transitioning until this summer basically and now I'm so happy because my curly hair is getting some length and I can't wait to see it in its full glory!

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