Need help and suggestions!

Hey everyone! I would really appreciate some advice and suggestions. I have 2c/3a curly hair. It's damaged due to colouring it blonde then black a few times. I used to use Joice kpak shampoo and conditioner. I would shampoo my hair only on Sundays and then condition my hair every other day only. It seemed to help with the damage but but I want to use all sulfate silicone free products that help curly damaged hair overtime not just temporarily masks the damage. I bought the macadamia professional shampoo and conditioner recently and noticed by the time I'm halfway through washing the conditioner out my hair is completely knotted clumps together and isn't soft until I brush it out put product in (I got one from whole foods) and then dries. I was hoping someone could suggest what conditioner to use every two days during the week and what shampoo or clarifying shampoo/conditioner to use only once a week. I only do the shampoo to get rid of the build up from during the week. Thanks!!!!!!

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