Amazing Styling Method for type 3 fine hair!

I have been working on this method for quite a while now, getting curls that are voluminous, but still defined in very humid weather where some of my curls just totally fall flat.
Step 1: wash and deep condition hair and rinse well
or co-wash and rinse well.
Step 2. Detangle and part/arrange wet hair with a slippery lightweight leave-in then wrap hair in t-shirt.
Step 3. Allow hair to be in to well until it is only damp and the roots start to dry, but the ends are not drying out. Add a tiny bit more leave-in to ends, and fluff at roots. Allow to air dry and shrink completely, or for more volume, allow to air-dry partially, then finish with a diffuser.
Step 4. When hair is completely shrunk, but still feels well moisturized, smooth a thin layer of lightweight curl activating cream onto ends, and twirl a few individual curls for definition. If needed, scrunch in a tiny bit of cool water to distribute product better. In this step, you want as little moisture as possible that it takes to re-define some curls, and not so much that your hair feels or looks damp.
Step 5. When product is completely absorbed, seal and fluff just the roots with a lightweight oil or butter.
This is a perfect method for refreshing curls as well. Or if you wash and moisturize your hair at night, but need to define it in the A.M. For me, it results in a wonderful, defined, shiny, yet windblown fluffy look. Like Victoria from Twilight, or Merida from brave look. Please try it and let me know if it works as well for you. I used Shea Moisture JBCO leave-in for the conditioner, and I have used Jessicurl Rock in Ringlets, Desert Essence Soft Curl Cream, Alaffia Activating Cream, and Briogeo Avocado and Quinoa Cream, all with great results.

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