Deep Conditioning... Is a hooded dryer really necessary?

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Hey there,

I have low porosity hair. Is buying a hooded blow dryer worth it? Does it really help when it comes to deep conditioning? I want to get the most out of my deep conditioning. Which brand of blow dryers do you recommend?


  • belwillcoilybelwillcoily Registered Users Posts: 303 Curl Neophyte
    Due to having low porosity hair myself, I always utilize heat to help the DC to penetrate my strands and moisturize. However, I do not use my hooded dryer for this though I have one. Two actually, a hard-hat style hooded dryer and a soft bonnet hair dryer. I rarely use the hard-hat style; too much work, the soft bonnet is much more convenient with set up and take down.

    But I digress...I use an old fashioned heat cap with my deep conditioner treatments. Works like a charm and the price is right for one of these babies. I bought mine from Sally's but I have seen them at other BSS.

    HTH! :smile:
    :afro: Me Fascina El Pelo :afro:

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