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krispykrispy Posts: 320Registered Users
Hi all! I'm thinking of jumping on the diffusing bandwagon and was looking for recommendations for a hairdryer with diffuser.

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Best combo so far:
SheaMosture Curl and shine milk , Ouidad heat and humidity gel


  • seaweedeseaweede Posts: 28Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    Xtava with diffuser. Check Amazon. This thing is awesome!
  • naturecatnaturecat Posts: 1,986Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    I don't have the Xtava but I have the black orchid diffuser attachment and it is, indeed, awesome.

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    you can buy a diffuser separately. I got a generic diffuser that fits most round nozzles. It works fine with my Babyliss dryer. Got it at Bed Bath and Beyond. I also had an old one that was too loose so not all diffusers are the same.
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    Naturecat and Seeweede, is the Xtava diffuser better than a generic bowl type diffuser? I bought a dryer that came with a diffuser (from Sallys, GVP brand). I've seen a review comparing the Xtava to the Devafuser, but not a comparison to a standard diffuser. I'm wondering if I should invest in the Xtava, or if it would work about the same.
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    I've never tried the xtava diffuser, it looks great but would seem more ideal for someone with quite long hair due to its shape. It looks wider and deeper than most diffusers I've seen. The thing about it that is attractive to me is the airholes on the fingers, getting air into those roots! I wish they sold them here in the UK. They have the blowdryer, but not the diffuser..its wack.

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  • ToriAshCurlsToriAshCurls Posts: 5Registered Users

    I have the CHI Low EMF hair dryer and use the diffuser attachment. It doesn't have as many settings but I don't mind. It works amazingly well. Dries my hair so fast and sets my curls perfectly before I head to sleep.

    Tori :icescream:

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