Products like It's A Ten?

I could use some product advice! I've been using the Devacurl Conditioner on my hair every day, and the Devacurl No-Poo about twice a week. The results have been good, but not great.

Once a week I've been using the It's A Ten miracle deep conditioner with keratin - this one. I leave it in for 15-20 minutes before I rinse out, it's been fantastic!

Well, the other day, I was really tired and I accidentally used the It's A Ten deep conditioner instead of the Devacurl conditioner. Didn't even notice until I had already applied it, so I just rinsed it out after 2 or 3 minutes and went about my day.

My hair looked great! Fantastic curls, great volume - I got a bunch of compliments.

This got me wondering if I should use it every day instead of the Devacurl... but I don't know if that's good for your hair? It's also a LOT more expensive.

Are there any products you'd recommend that are similar, but not so expensive? It's got me wondering if the Devacurl conditioner just isn't the right fit for me, or if there's something else going on.

Thank you very much!


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    That conditioner has silicone in it - 2 of them, right near the top of the list. Silicone does make your hair look good. That's why it's in almost every hair product. The problem is that it's not easy to get out. So if you continue using it with a no-poo, it's pretty likely you'll soon end up with limp, weighed down, stringy hair. If you want to continue using it, I'd suggest switching to a sulphate shampoo. But that dries out your hair, so it becomes a never-ending cycle. Dry it out with sulphates, try to correct the frizziness with silicones.

    Personally, I love the DevaCurl One Conditioner. But there are lots of other good conditioners out there. You'll have to experiment to find one you like.
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    That's really disappointing, I didn't realize that =( Are there other deep conditioners you'd recommend?
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    Since the It's a Ten conditioner really works for you, maybe you can keep using it despite the silicones. If you use a mild sulfate shampoo once a week and find it doesn't dry out your hair - you're good to go!

    Personally, I've switched from being super careful about cones and sulfates and just use what works on my hair that sometimes includes silicones and then shampoo with a very moisturizing low sulfate shampoo once a week. It's a modified cg regimen. The other days I just wet with water or use Deva Lo Poo.

    Some people like me find they can use Deva Lo Poo and that it gets out all the silicones.

    I think there is a certain amount of hype regarding cones and sulfates. Everyone's hair is different - you have to find the routine that works best on your hair. Good luck and I hope you are successful!
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    Thank you for the advice, Curlypearl! I may cut it back to special-occasions only, or see if I can find a good replacement!
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    What about devacurl heaven in hair? I just use once x month for deep conditioning, and always have silky results and pretty curls.

    I use devacurl no poo and conditioner 2 x week. In between I use deva conditioner watered down (3 parts water, 1 part deva conditioner), and set it free.

    Mainly I was wondering why heaven in hair hadn't been mentioned? I love it although I'm open to trying similar products.

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