Wore last night's pineapple to work today...

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...and got the first compliment on my hair in years. Go figure.

After 2 full years of failing at pineappling and bashing the effectiveness of it, my hair has FINALLY gained enough length for it to work, and I'm shocked but can actually say that it perserves my waves overnight. With a little bit of length, I don't even have the slightest problem preserving them this way, IF I can get them formed properly on day 1. Getting my waves to last over half a day on day 2, now that's a different story.

And getting a compliment on my messy blob of hair is somewhat confusing to be honest. What, does my hair look that bad on a normal day that putting it away looks better!? That normal day of clumped waves took ALOT of work! And I feel like my face and mile high forehead is OUT there for everyone to gawk at, hence the reason I generally don't pull my hair back very often unless I'm lazing around at home.

Anyway, for me, just thought it was a funny thing. Maybe Ill wear my pineapple the next day more often.
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