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Hi all! :wave:

So I've been reading a lot of posts lately talking about the difference between protein sensitive and protein-craving, but how does one determine if your hair needs protein or not?

I have a head of 2c-3b curls, no rhyme or reason to which type some days. It's SUPER fine, very low density, and porous.

Anytime I've ever tried deep conditioning in the past, it's left my hair EXTREMELY straw-like and just plain gross to the touch. It's been tricky enough finding the right leave-ins that won't make my hair feel gross (so far my luck has included the Jessicurl Aloeba daily and KCKT).

I'm finally starting on my CG journey so any and all advice would be much appreciated!! Still not sure how I feel about my styler (devacurl styling cream), so any tips on that would be great too.

Thanks!! <3


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{still looking for HGs"}


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    I'm guessing that if your hair was strawlike after a DC, the conditioner you used probably had protein in it. I'm not sure it's recommended to do a DC with a protein-containing conditioner, unless you have severely damaged hair. I think that even for people with normal or porous hair, an excess of protein would probably adsorb onto the hair shaft. I wouldn't keep any protein-containing conditioners on the hair for longer than 5-10 minutes. Maybe others have ideas on that.

    I discovered I was protein sensitive by finding that although I would get nice results from a protein-containing product on an initial use, my hair would get dry and strawlike, or in other instances overly smooth and straight, on subsequent uses. I then noticed that I could get very nice curls if I used the protein product followed by a deep conditioning with a product that had no protein. But unless I have time to do a DC, I generally stay away from protein unless I haven't used protein in a couple of weeks.
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