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Hey!! Recently I noticed round hairless patches on my scalp and one of my friends said it's the symptoms of alopecia areata. She also said that there is no permanent solution for this condition. I'm very much worried. Can hair transplant surgery help me in this situation? Any thoughts?
My hubby says colonics treatment helps to treat alopecia areata ( Can Colonics Help Treat Alopecia Areata? | Clear Living Clinic ). Is that true? He has scheduled an appointment with a doctor in Toronto on 20th to discuss in details regarding this condition.
I'm confused. What should I consider - hair transplant surgery or colonics treatment?


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    I don't think either of those is the place to start. I had alopecia many years ago, and went to a dermatologist who gave me cortisol injections in my scalp. It cleared up and hasn't been back since. The dr said it could be brought on by stress, and my lifestyle and diet at the time wasn't the best. Not sure whether it was the injections that did it, or eating better and getting more sleep. My advice would be to see a doctor to see if something less drastic than transplants would help.
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    I agree with the advice to see a doctor - probably starting with a dermatologist - so you can be certain what you're dealing with. Alopecia Areata is an autoimmune disease. If that IS your diagnosis, there are many diet and lifestyle changes that improve all types of autoimmune conditions by getting at the source - inflammation - rather than just treating the symptoms. Some general pointers can be found here: Understanding the True Cause of Autoimmune Disease

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