Bad deva cut - help!

Last wednesday (9days ago) i took the pluge and, after growing out my hair for years), decided to get a deva cut.
The past 2 years i barely straightened my hair - maybe 4 or 6 times a year
The stylist cut off a lot of length, but the ends were dead so it was necessary. However, she cut only a couple strands in the front to be short and mainly on the right side of my face
Now i know for curls, hair doesn't always need to be even, and i can even see what she was going for but the day after i left the salon it felt soo uneven to me. Ive never liked how short curly bangs look on me, i like to brush the curls in the front back and to the side. I never specifed to her not to shorten the front/bangs but she just went for it and by then it was too late. I also really liked the haircut at first but the more i looked at it the more i became frustrated with the front.
2 days after, i couldnt take it and cut the other side she left clearly missing, and now.. I have awfully awkward bangs
I dont know how to style them, i dont have enough money to constantly be buying deva products and putting a bunch in my hair every wash, and overall i just dont like how i look now :( the rest of my hair looks good at least
I dont know if i should call her and ask for help, or wait it out since the fronts so short already. Waiting and getting a cut later is also pricy. Its $75-100.
Please help!! Any other short curly banged ladies out there?
I have cork screw hair on most of my head and some corkicelli curls, especially the front


  • Gaby.VintimiGaby.Vintimi Registered Users Posts: 124 Curl Neophyte
    You should definitely call her and ask her to fix it for free is your right as a costumer. If she won't do it or you don't want to call her, then you can try a few things like using clips to style it, you can clip it in the mid line or in one side. You can pull it in front of your forehead and put a clip at the end and let it dry then brush it. You can always go for the iron or blow dryer and straighten it.

    I have put two pics, the first shows a really short and uneven bangs that was meant to be straighten but that day I let it be. The second one is a month later maybe and in that time the bangs are clipped in the middle except for one strand that got loose.
    I know for your hair type it will shrink up and be more curly making it difficult to style. For now you can let them grow and meanwhile use bobby pins to style. I hope this help and hopefully the stylist will take responsibility on what she did.
    2c, dense and coarse hair.
  • curlysmallscurlysmalls Registered Users Posts: 4
    Thanks so much for the response! im pretty much gonna try everything i can to pin them back in a stylish way. Id straighten but the rest of my hair is so curly that im afraid it might look a little funny, but who knows? I used to straighten the front all the time but now i dont because ive been trying so hard to 100% own my natural hair.. And florida humidity makes it almost impossible to maintain a blowdry ol also, your hair is beautiful! :)

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