Bad deva cut - help!

Last wednesday (9days ago) i took the pluge and, after growing out my hair for years), decided to get a deva cut.
The past 2 years i barely straightened my hair - maybe 4 or 6 times a year
The stylist cut off a lot of length, but the ends were dead so it was necessary. However, she cut only a couple strands in the front to be short and mainly on the right side of my face
Now i know for curls, hair doesn't always need to be even, and i can even see what she was going for but the day after i left the salon it felt soo uneven to me. Ive never liked how short curly bangs look on me, i like to brush the curls in the front back and to the side. I never specifed to her not to shorten the front/bangs but she just went for it and by then it was too late. I also really liked the haircut at first but the more i looked at it the more i became frustrated with the front.
2 days after, i couldnt take it and cut the other side she left clearly missing, and now.. I have awfully awkward bangs
I dont know how to style them, i dont have enough money to constantly be buying deva products and putting a bunch in my hair every wash, and overall i just dont like how i look now :( the rest of my hair looks good at least
I dont know if i should call her and ask for help, or wait it out since the fronts so short already. Waiting and getting a cut later is also pricy. Its $75-100.
Please help!! Any other short curly banged ladies out there?
I have cork screw hair on most of my head and some corkicelli curls, especially the front

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