Help me, please.

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So, for the past four years my hair has been transitioned to natural (it is completely natural now). My mom kept individuals in my hair the whole time so I didn't have to deal with trying to style it while it was transitioning. Last year in July, we took down my final set of individuals, as it was finally completely natural. As you can see in the picture, I had ALOT of hair. My hair has always been thick, and very curly, not even the relaxers I used would fully get rid of my curls. hair is horrible. I hate it. I hate myself. That's why I blacked out my face--I feel horribly ugly. I'm spending less time out in public and more time at home crying over my hair. I'm so tempted to take a razor and shave my head completely bald. Even typing this, I'm crying. I hate looking at my hair and don't know what to do. After researching and evaluating what got my hair to this point I came to the verdict of I flat ironed and manipulated it way too much. I was twisting my hair nearly EVERY DAY and flat ironed it about 8 times in between July 2016 and January 2017. All that hard work is for nothing because it's so damn ugly now.
I just want some advice on what to do...should I cut it all off? Go back to wearing individuals? What are some good hair growing supplements, if you recommend I take those?

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