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I'm a long-time CG and have been silicone/sulfate free since 2011. I have lots of skin issues in general, but recently (in the last year) have developed psoriasis on my scalp. This necessitated a prescription medicated shampoo everyday, which unfortunately is not silicone/sulfate free. With the help of some heavy-duty oral steroids, my scalp is getting back under-control. I'm still having to wash everyday, but I've been able to move away from the prescription shampoo and have been using Paul Mitchell's Tea Tree Oil shampoo & condish. The tea tree oil seems to really help, but I'm wanting to of course get back to being silicone/sulfate free again (and hopefully get to stop washing everyday although that's a small price to pay for not having a crusty scalp I guess). Anyway, what are some great silicone/sulfate free tea tree oil shampoos? I've done a google search but haven't turned up anything.



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    My entire family (5 of us - 2 curlies) has used Shikai Tea Tree Shampoo for several years. We like it so much we buy it by the gallon. It has sodium olefin sulfonate which some say is technically a sulfate, but it is definitely not harsh like a typical sulfate shampoo. We do not use the conditioner, b/c amodimethicone is 7th on the ingredient list. But that silicone is in some DevaCurl products, and the sodium olefin sulfonate will wash it out.

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