Gels that make the hair LESS curly instead of enhance?

I've been liking my hair a little less curly lately, and I'm trying to remember which gels actually had the opposite effect of enhancing my curls. I know the HE Humidity Defying Gel used to do it, but I don't think it's sold anymore. Any others? Thanks.


  • MaxMax Posts: 125Registered Users
    Phytodeffrissant will relax curls some. it's not exactly a gel, though, and i think it's probably best used with a gel.
  • CelticCurlsCelticCurls Posts: 558Registered Users
    Using a cream under my gel always relaxes mine a bit. So do polyquat based gels (as opposed to PVP/VA) like the new HE's, or Paul Mitchell.
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  • OctoberBaby02OctoberBaby02 Posts: 105Registered Users
    Aura Hypoallergenic gel pulls out my waves, so it's definitely not curl enhancing IMO. HTH :)
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