What is going on??

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Hi fellow curlies!:icon_smile:

I'm new to Naturally Curly and I am very much in need of your opinions!'
Okay, so I used to have beautiful 3a/3b curl when I was younger, but my mom didn't know how to take care of curly hair, since she doesn't have curly hair herself. So I always used to take care of my haire as if it was just plain, straight hair.
When I turned 12 I went full-on emo and I absolutely hated my curly hair, so from then on I straightened, bleached and dyed my hair for 8 long years. As you can imagine, my hair wasn't very healthy when I decided to go natural 6 months ago.
I have had one major (layer) cut, but my hair just doesn't seem the same. My question is: what happened? What is going on? Is it hormonal changes, is my hair too heavy?
My hair just looks like a type 2b/2c now and honestly I am not loving it. Even the shorter layers on top are just wavy now instead of curly. Also, my roots and ends don't curl, they are just a little wavy, which makes my hair fall flat and not voluminous at all.

My routine is: washing with a sulfate-, alcohol- and silicone-free shampoo & conditioner, plopping with a microfibre towel, LOC-method with Cantu Shea products and a mix of castor oil and argan oil. Then I use my diffuser on cold setting (I always scrunch my hair while drying/diffusing) and then I add a little more oil if needed. I use a wide-toothed comb and leave-in conditioner to detangle my hair at night and then I put it up in a pineapple. I always sleep on a satin pillowcase :)

I will include a picture of my hair when I was a little girl and the way my hair is looking now.

Please feel free to share tips on what worked for you, since I really miss my beautiful corkscrew curly hair!

Have a great night,

X Valérie


  • ShelleyCookShelleyCook Registered Users Posts: 54
    First, wash with a sulfate shampoo with no silicones - Suave clarifying will work. Next do a protein treatment. Search protein on here to find different options. I have simply taken powdered unflavored gelatin & mixed with water until I liked the consistency, coated my freshly clarified hair, let it sit for 10 minutes, rinsed, conditioned (leaving on hair for the rest of the shower). Then get back to your sulfate & silicone free regimen.

    You might need to try different stylers to see what works for you - gel, creams, custard, etc.

    It might take cutting all the damage off for your tighter curl pattern to emerge.

    BTW, your hair looks amazing.

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    I second ALL of what she said. And I just have to say, oh my god you're beautiful! Like model beautiful. Wow. I love how you do your makeup, too. Even if you didn't improve your hair at all, you could pull it off, cuz you're gorgeous, girl.

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    @ShelleyCook & @curlyannie80 Thank you for the tip on protein treatments! I have never tried it before because I was scared that it might would be too heavy on my Hair, but I Will definitely give it a go! And Thank you so much for the Nice compliments, so sweet! Curlyannie80, I have a YouTube channel, Its called bbyvaly so if you want to see How I do my make-up just take a look! Also if you want any tips you can always contact me ����
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    You may be using too much oil and weighing it down. I have BSL thick hair and more then a dime-nickel worth or oil and it's stringy wavy instead of curly. I'd try skipping the oil and trying something with a bit of hold.

    Out of the shower, without product, how curly is it?

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    It just takes time... you have to grow out your natural hair and keep cutting off the other texture until its all uniform. I've been doing this a year and I'm about half way. My hair is super curly (3b) at the roots and loose curls and waves on the ends (3a/2c). I used to use the flat iron every once in a while and do blow outs quite often as well has having balayage highlights etc. Even a tiny amount of damage can effect your curl pattern. Curls are quite precious in the way they need to be treated. Careful with tight ponytails and buns etc, sleep on satin. The products you're using now should be fine to get you through the first stages, products alone can't bring back your curls. If you keep moisturizing and keep a balance of moisture to protein, then your new growth will be poppin. Those oils are good for the scalp but you probably don't need them on your lengths. Air dry as much as you can, on those days when you're not that busy. This will really help your hair form its curls without being disturbed by the diffuser. Do a deep conditioner every week for 30 mins. You'll see results. This takes time. It was easy to flat iron and blow dry, now your hair is saying "how bad do you want us back?" lol. It will get a bit curlier every month.

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  • bbyvalybbyvaly Registered Users Posts: 7 Curl Neophyte
    Thank you all so much for your advice!

    I've been having a lot of growth and my hair is getting curlier and curlier. I'm still looking for the perfect products but I've found a lot of good ones!

    Still struggling to get the twirls back instead of the S-shaped curls/waves, but I think that is because of the lengths.

    Thanks again! :love2:
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    Glad to hear you're making progress! One question - are you still plopping with a microfiber towel? If so, I would go ahead and switch that out for a flour sack towel instead. Flour sacks are smoother and will glide over the hair, whereas microfibers will grab onto the hairs, pulling some out from their defined pattern and creating frizz.
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