Help for my multi-racial 10yo

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My daughter has an amazing head of hair. It does, however, seem to defy all known rules of hair care!
I'm of European heritage (mostly English and Ukrainian). My husband is African-American and Native American. Our daughter's hair seems to somewhere between 3b and 4a. It is extremely low porosity. It tangles the second the comb leaves it.
My method has been to soak it, then add a thick pudding-type conditioner. Once it's soaked in for a few minutes, I use a wet-hair comb to comb it out in sections. We never use shampoo, and we never brush it when it's dry.
Now she is 10 she is wanting to do more of the care on her own. However combing it out is really hard for her, and she keeps giving up. Which means tangle-snarl-mess.
It is the wrong texture to easily make cornrow-style braids in, and she hates the larger braids. AND ponytails. I could really use some advice!


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    Do you mind posting a picture? If you're concerned about privacy (which I totally understand) you can just show the back of her hair. My daughter is multiracial & the Curly Girl Method saved her hair when she was a little older than your daughter. She'll be 21 this year & in my opinion has amazing hair. If your daughter's hair is similar, I might be able to offer suggestions. I know there are many that say porosity & all that matters more than curl pattern, but my daughter doesn't worry about all that. I do think hair pattern affects detangling.

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    I would suggest a routine of sulfate-free shampoo with rinse out conditioner, followed by a light leave-in conditioner.

    Try the Aussie Moist line for a great rinse out conditioner that helps with tangles, followed by the Especially Hair Moisture Foundation (a little bit goes a long way!).
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    I am not sure how often you wash her hair. I would suggest once a week so that you can detangle her hair until she is older.

    Everyday she could spritzed her hair with water and add about a quarter size amount of conditioner and gel to her hair. Then when her hair dries she can scrunch it out.

    At this age, daily washing and conditioning is too much. I think doing the above gives her the ability to style her own hair without the hard part.

    This is what I do with my hair and I am also bi-racial.

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