Ashleigh Sergeant's Short 'do

curladdycurladdy Registered Users Posts: 17 Curl Neophyte
I am officially in love with Ashleigh Sergeant's curly, shorter 'do in this promotional video that keeps popping up in my Facebook feed. Mine is still shorter than hers, but this is my new hair inspo!
Fine and low density 2C whirly wavy, hoping to push into 3A with Curly Girl Method - recommitted to curly girl 2017

Current Products (Experimenting Always)
Wash: Trader Joes Tea Tree Tingle or Devacurl Delight Low Poo
Condish: Devacurl Delight One Condition or KCKT
Styler: Devacurl Styling Cream (looking for something similar without glycerin)... playing with minuscule amounts of Shea Moisture Styling Milk
Not a fan of gels, but trying: KCCC and Miss Jessie's Jelly Curls

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