I need long thick hair

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Can someone suggest some remedies for the fast growth of my curly hair? I am having a dry scalp. What can I do to get a long hair?


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    I've heard from a lot of people that doing a scalp massage with castor oil a few times a week (gently), helps with growing hair quickly. There's also the 'inversion' method, where you do the scalp massage but you bend forward so your head is upside down. You can look these up on YouTube and stuff, too. I think you're supposed to do it for 5-10 min but not sure exactly. They both help with circulation, and that's supposed to be great for hair growth. Also if you do protein treatments weekly (if your hair needs protein), that can help with retaining length and getting long hair. If you look up " iagirls protein treatment" online, you'll find a great recipe to do at home for only a couple dollars. It's in " The science-y hair blog".

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