Prenatal classes for safe pregnancy

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I am in a big confusion right now. My sis is pregnant, she is in her 3rd trimester. She is very much worried about delivery. She is saying that she is not able to concentrate on anything and feels like her heart is heavy. I wonder how could I help her with this problem. Yesterday she called me and asked is there any alternatives ways to reduce the pregnancy pain. I don't know how to console her in this situation. I asked her to listen to music but she says there is no use with that. I have heard about prenatal courses will such courses bring any changes in her? Should I suggest her to attend any prenatal classes? What should I do now?


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    Aww I feel bad for her. I'm thinking about when I was pregnant with my first, and even my other two pregnancies, and I was scared too. Maybe she could get an epidural? With my last one, I actually got an epidural and it took the pain halfway away. It was way less painful than the other two births. Also, I think that just being pregnant, and all the hormones that are pumping through women's bodies, can cause us to be stressed and overprotective of ourselves. Maybe it's a survival instinct or something?? I was a nervous wreck with my second pregnancy. I was so worried that my baby boy was going to die for some crazy reason. I still have no idea why I thought that. But it turned out to be fine, although he was HUGE and I had to have a 4th degree episiotomy (ouch). He's a happy, healthy, amazing 15 year old now :) But yeah, just try to be there for your sister as much as you can, and maybe if it'll help, she could do the classes, because sometimes the more we learn, we feel more confident about things. Hang in there, you're a good sister for caring so much :)

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    I used the Bradley method for both my kids. It took away a lot of my fear going into my first time giving birth and gave me pain management techniques. I ended up not needing any pain meds or an epidural. I felt in control of my body, was able to relax to some degree, and despite 12 hr long labors managed to push both kids out, nearly 10 pounds each (and I'm a petite woman!) without tearing or needing an episiotomy. I'm sure everyone's results will vary, but I personally had a great experience with it, it made giving birth very manageable. For what it's worth, I also had a nurse midwife for both pregnancies in addition to the OB. A nurse midwife or doula could possibly help if that's an option for her.

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    She is going to the class and she said that she is feeling far better now. Her date is on this 28th. Please pray for her.

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