Question about Egg and Olive Oil treatment on hair?

Hi, everyone!

About a day and a half ago, I tried a mixture of egg and olive oil on my hair and scalp, then covered with a scarf. I intended to wash it out after 30 minutes to an hour, but I was taking a new, strong medication that made me sleepy and I slept like a log forever.

So 1.5 days later is when I ended up washing the mixture out of my hair. I washed my hair twice with Mane n Tail shampoo, just to make sure I got it ALL out.

When I stepped out of the shower, I was surprised to find that my hair felt much smoother and stronger, kind of like how it feels after a protein treatment? It had the feeling of being very clean from the shampoo, but the strands were relatively hard like after hair treatments.

My hair type is a mix of 4b and 4a, I think.

So my question is will the egg and olive oil mix have the same effect if I leave it on for a short time like I intended? Or does it only have that strong effect when it is left on 24+ hours?

I'd rather not do it again because eggs left out that long on your hair seems unsanitary, but I do like the way it felt afterward.


  • WavycatWavycat Registered Users Posts: 325 Curl Connoisseur
    Sorry, I don't have an answer for you but just wanted to say I'm glad to hear it worked after 1.5 days! I guess only you would know if you thought it felt the same left in for a shorter time. Try it and let us know.
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