oils hate me, any thoughts?

well i tried sealing with oils and it is a disaster. I swear my hair was frizzier when applying it to soaking wet hair (i could immediately see frizz) and when it dried...poof city! i've tried oils as first step before leave in and gel, and i've tried second step after leave in andbefore gel, and i tried oiling just ends last. Nothing works so no oils for me. Any other ideas because i would like to keep moisture in my hair and keep ends from getting dry.
Thanks as always!!

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Best combo so far:
SheaMosture Curl and shine milk , Ouidad heat and humidity gel


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    Hi! I would give moisturizers that are not so oily a try, such as pure aloe vera juice. You could also try using rice water or strong green/black tea waters (this is what geisha have used for a long time on their hair).

    Another suggestion, which I have been thinking about, is linseed oil. I am a painter and many people who work with oil paints use linseed oil with their paints because you have to use an oil that will dry...if you used something like vegetable oils with your paints, your painting would never dry. I have read that linseed oil can benefit hair as far as growth and conditioning, so it might be something to think about using.

    Another option might be to use hair butters instead of hair oils, but use the hair butters sparingly throughout your hair (apply a sheer layer, don't drench). These will contain oils, but won't be as slick as using a pure oil mixture.

    Hope this helps!

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