Curly hairstyles?

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What a loaded question, right? I have a lot of weddings coming up in the next few months, and sometimes i fantasize about doing something interesting with my hair other than my standard "wear it down" or "clip the front pieces back." But of course if you google/Pinterest search "curly hair styles," all you get is pictures of models with stick-straight hair who have had it curled 🙄

Also, my hair is pretty thin so I don't play with putting it up a lot. Does anyone have any ideas/tips/hairstyles I could try?! What's your go-to??

Muchas gracias!
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    Some ideas :)




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    Do you have the Curly Girl Handbook? It has a section on hairstyles, especially for weddings.

    I know the blog Hair Romance has curly hairstyles and the blogger actually has curly hair so you could check that out.

    Also, I usually try hairstyles no matter if it's for straight-haired or curly-haired or whatever. Most of the time, they work so sometimes it doesn't really matter if they have curly hair like you or not. Your end result just might look different than theirs.

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