I'm new and And this is my story.

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My hair started off a big puffy monster. When I hit my teens the curls were just to die for but it grew so slow. Now I know the lack of growth was because I wasn't taking care of my baby the way it needed to be. The frustration of the frizz, the not knowing what to do with it...I don't know maybe it was all plus the pressure of having the stereo type straight hair and I straightened it.

6 months later and 3 straightener sessions and I'm bored AF. It's just so plain and there isn't much to do with it. The hair is lifeless and I don't get the after wash excitement I had when it was natural because there is nothing different about it. It dosent get extra curly and soft.....the hair just lays there existing with no spunk or anything.

Soo I have decide to go natural using the transitioning method. Honestly Im afraid of the BC for a number of reasons majorly bacuse I lack the confidence to rock short hair. I know the journey is going to be hard but I'm willing to commit. I was born a curly it's what I was made to be and I have come to love myself the way I am and I found the perfect group of people to help me with the transition.


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    Good luck with your journey! I used to have frizzy hair and so I'd straightened it until I got tired of how dry my straight hair would feel.

    It's well worth the effort :)
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    Hey there. I understand somewhat what you're going through and wish you luck.
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    Hi, I'm new too! I understand your struggle, but what worked for me in my major transitioning phase was just doing a cute updo. It'll get boring eventually but just think of the great hair you'll be getting because of it!
    Good luck on your Natural Hair journey X
  • bbyvalybbyvaly Registered Users Posts: 7 Curl Neophyte
    Sorry, new phone.. accidentally double posted :)

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