Quick question about hair routine?

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I'm 16, going on 17, transitioning from damage (sort of). I have a tapered cut, I flat twist once a week for a kind of messy hairstyle (that I like).
Anyways, my routine rn is washing once a week with shae moisture moisture retention shampoo, which I really like, then deep conditioning with either tresemme luxurious moiture + olive oil, dark and lovely moisture deep conditioning delight + olivr oil, or mayo + olive oil (olive oil works rly well on my hair lol). Then, after leaving it in w/ a plastic bag for hours, I wash it out, put shae moisture curl enhancing smoothie all over my hair while damp, put olive or coconut oil on my hair to seal, then do my twists. Sometimes I do get lazy, and miss one week. And unfortunately, the twist out doesn't seem to look as well past the third day, and gets really dry.
However, lately, the back of my hair isn't showing a curl pattern and it's quite frizzy. So, I was thinking about doing a protein treatment with egg and banana (i read it works well + I don't have a job or money to get many products haha). Yay or nay? If yay, how often should I do it as well? Also before or after wash? Thanks~:icescream:
My hair is type 4 by the way. Back and sides of my hair is 100% natural (hasn't came in contact with the flat iron I used to use everyday lol) and about 3 inches long, top hair is still half damaged, and about 7 inches long. I want to grow my hair out long, just to see what it looks like on me. If I don't like it, I'll probably leave it short.

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