LCO instead of LOC

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I read on someone's blog that LCO works better than LOC for lo-po hair. Has anyone found this to be true? I'm wondering if both methods (LCO or LOC) would just create build-up on lo-po hair.
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    I have plus it just makes more sense to me liquid to moisturize cream (based moisturizer) and a oil to seal....pack in the moisture then seal...i don't understand why If oil seals why you would put the middle. Right?

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    Having now watched some more videos I'm going to need to experiment and see what works best, because while I absolutely agree that for low po hair a cream on top of oil doesn't seem to make sense, what I was watching was saying that for a lot of low po hair the addition of whichever third layer can create too much buildup so L.O. or L.C. as standalones work better. :)
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    In my experience, LCO has always worked better than LOC. It also makes a lot more sense.

    I spray with water first to soften the hair and make it more receptive to products.
    Then I add the leave in to "warm up" the hair and add slip so I can detangle the strands.
    A deep conditioning cream is added next to add the real moisture, softness and nutrients. Sometimes, on days where my hair is particularly low in porosity, doesn't feel in need of a deep conditioning, or if I feel a little build up, I leave this step out.
    The oil adds intense moisture and then seals up the strand with a slick, shiny coating.

    You have to remember than oil and water don't mix. Adding it in the middle of the process, on wet hair especially, is going to "block out" the cream and all of the nutrients. IMO it's better to use it as a sealant and let it be the last layer of product absorbed by the hair. It also lays directly under gels if I use a gel. By being next to the gel, it prevents flakes and further protects the strand from the raw gel.

    Right now, I use the Shea Moisture Low Porosity Leave In Detangler (a little goes a long way), my Maui Moisture Curl Quench + Coconut Oil Curl Smoothie, a homemade coconut/jojoba/argan/lavender oil mix and Eco Styler Olive Oil Gel and it works soooo well for my daily braid outs. No flakes!
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