How often do you reapply product in between washes?

Since I wash once a week, I would spray my hair with a spray bottle and reapply 3 times a week, but I'm just curious to know what everyone else does too



  • SlinkyheadSlinkyhead Registered Users Posts: 100
    I think everybody's different. For me personally, it depends on how much product I put in on my wash day and how it looks when I take it down from the pineapple. Some days I just put water and a tiny bit of leave in between my hands and smooth it down the pieces that look wonky. Other days, it requires full surgery lol where I have to get it decently wet and rake some curl cream mixed with a gel in it. Usually its day 4 is when I have to put some real product back into it, whenever it feels dry. In the summer I don't have to do it as much, but in the winter its kind of a drag. I wash once a week also.

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    NP: Deva NP, DC low poo, ACV rinses
    RO: Deva 1 Cond orig or decadence
    DC: DC HIC, SM JBCO mask
    LI: 1 Cond, B'leavin
    Styler: Deva SPC or reg SC
    Gels: DC LDG, Bouncecurl
    Refresh: water w Lavender oil.
    Scalp: Lav/jojoba/rosem/pep oils.
    Airdry, wait 30 mins before diffusing.
    Loves a little protein in stylers! Hates heavy stuff.
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    In the winter I decided to do my routine every other day. My 2nd day hair always looks better. On the 2nd day I just spritz my hair with water and lightly scrunch. It's because I do my routine well on wash day. I low poo, then I really squish the condish well. I then apply my leave in well too. As a result the next day doesn't really need any product except H2O.

    In the spring summer I can go 3 days without going through the process. It's because it's more humid and my hair really bounces with humidity. In between wash days I spritz with water. 3rd day hair I need a little combo of water spritz and leave in.

    I like low maintence and a wash and go type of guy.

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