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Does anyone here do yoga? If so, what kind? I was thinking of doing Ashtanga, or maybe Power yoga. What did you think? I've very unflexible so not sure how it's going to work out. Does anyone have any recs for some online classes that are free? I want to go into a studio but want to try it at home first.


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    I practice. It depends on what you want out of it. Ashtanga is pretty regimented and specific.

    I would suggest beginning with some gentle or beginner classes, this will help you get used to what your body feels like in poses. My personal experience with power yoga (or flow or vinyasa) classes is that the focus is on continuing and pushing and sometimes alignment can get compromised, especially if you aren't sure what your body should feel like in poses.

    Why does that matter? Because you can injure yourself pretty significantly if you aren't careful.

    I love yoga and it helps me a lot. The flexibility will come (and you may never be a pretzel and that is fine, it's about what your body can do).

    I don't have any suggestions for online. If you can find a beginner class somewhere that'd help you with saftey, alignment, etc.

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    I agree with Perri. I love Sarah Beth Yoga on YouTube. Most of her videos are free and she is easy to follow. She has power, hatha, and restorative routines, along with these in vinyasa flows. There are 15 and 30 minute practices. I would suggest you start with the 15-minute stress relief or the 10-minute mindful morning

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    Yoga is wonderful. Don't be worried about your level of flexibility or strength. Find a good yoga practice in your area and go talk to them before signing up. The online classes mentioned are really good, however it is not the same as being in a class where an instructor can physically move you into the right position for any given pose. I am 53 years old and through yoga and stretching, I am able to do a full frontal split. A pretty amazing feat for someone who could not bend down and touch her toes when she was in her twenties.

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