Longtime naturally curly but curly hair care newbie

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Hello all,

I'm 43 y.o., and my hair as always been curly, as long as I can recall. From nicely wavy when I was a child, to massively frizzy (and brushed, yikes) when I was a teen, to now curly/frizzy depending on days.

I tried to sort out my hair type with the websites' tool and watching many pictures, and I think I'm on the edge of 3A and 3B. The 3A girls seem to have much more relaxed curls than mine, more like end of week (wash day + 3), while 3B girls look like my tightest curls just post wash or post swimming pool, but with ends much tighter than mine...

- I have never relaxed my hair, other than the occasionnal bruhsing after haircut at the salon. Always respected my curls... because there's nothing I can do about it :D (but I like them, so all is cool)
- Since my child's birth, and even more these past 5 years, I have gone "natural" on the care side. Still using shampoos, but completely quit silicones since at least 4 years, and also quit sulfates 9 months ago.
- I have been dying my hair (drugstore boxes DIY or hair salon) since I was in my 20ies... Quit chemical dyes last year, 9 months ago, because of obvious hair dammage AND earth conciousness, and turned 100% vegetal. I found a salon in my area, whose owner developped a brand of ayurvedic based vegetal colours, and natural/organic hair care products.

The change to vegetal was amazing for my curls! The first 6 weeks clay bi-weekly clay masks diet to suck out as much of the chemicals and repair my scalp before the first henna dye was already amazing, got my hair growing faster, curls more dynamic, and totally solved my scalp issues. I have got my first henna done in May 2015, and redid it twice since then. my curls keep getting better and better :)

The purpose of switching to henna (as well as healthier and more earthfriendly) was to get back as close as possible to my natural colour. Chemical dyes always use some decoloration, so my hair lengths are much paler than my roots. I'm tired of sporting dark roots, or having to go back to colour every 2-3 months (and re-dammaging my hair), and I start to have more and more white hair. It's a long term process I'm in, the idea is to stop colouring and let the white hair install without it looking too ugly, some day. But before this, I have to get rid of the clear ends. They are not getting significantly draker with the henna, and so after 3-4 weeks post dye, I already have a neat transition line between my natural and my chemical coloured hair. My hair goes down below shoulder blade, and the line is currently about top of my ear level... Long way to go!

I have read a few of the articles from this site, about hair care, and I think I've been changing for the right things over years, more or less.
I wash my hair with a soap nuts based shampoo (have to check to be sure there's no sulfates, but likely not, given the ethics of the brand), and detangle with a soft conditionner with natural and essential oils. No silicones to be found. Then I crunch my wet hair with a dash of oils. I used to use simple jojoba with a drop of ylang-ylang essential oil, and now I use the brand's oil mix which is also great and purposed to be used as a pre-poo oil bath.
Once a week, I go to the swimming-pool with my son, and prior to pool, I thoroughly coat my hair in coconut oil to protect it from chlore. I had been useing coconut oil as a prepoo care for about a year before this, to heal my damaged ends and favor the hair growth. I usually put the coconut on 12-24 hours before shampoo (when my curls starts looking like nothing but a mess and I have to detangle them seriously) and tie my hair in a braid or a bun, so it has lots of time to soak in some of the oils...

I never or rarely detangle my hair. Resulting on quite a struggle on wash day... I used to massacre everything with brush prior to coconut application/shampoo, but now I have turned to a decent large comb for curly hair, and take the time and patience to comb the knots away...

Looking for example pictures of ladies with curly hairand bangs/ fringes.

I have never found the appropriate haircut for my hair implantation. My forehead hair grows downwards, so going with no headband or clip and trying to sport a sexy side part with side swept hair automatically ends up in being completely monocular in about 30mn... :thumbdown:
I once wore a fringe/bang when I was younger. Had to brush/relax it every day with the hairdryer, and it didn't even work. I got sick of it frizzing like mad and making an ugly strand sticking out, and let everything grow back again.
There was one full whole blessed year where I could wear the short wavy-curly bob I had always been dreaming of, that was post birth, when I was breastfeeding my son :) pregnancy hormones had made my curls compltely fall down, they looked bad, and the short cut was not an unmanageable mess of curls anymore. But then I stopped breastfeeding and... my hair became frizzy mad again in 3 weeks! 3 weeks!!!!

So I've let it regrow since then (that was in 2008). Down to waist level. I like it to be loooong in the back, but on the sides, it gets in the way of my bass strap and is annoying. Tried a gradient only on the sides... but I still have a totally flat top of head, doesn't suit my face shape, and the long hair from the top back of my head tends to move sideways suring the day, which means i have no volume behind, and loooots of volume on the sides. Hence my nickname here. When I was growing back hair and reached shoulder height, during some time, I just looked like I was wearing a LouisXIV period wig! :P Bah...

I have set an appointment with my hair stylist for January 20 (wouldn't before). I'm sick of all this hair everywhere, plus I have discovered age spots and ruby spots on my forehead that I might want to hide under hair rather than foundation.
I'm willing to try something like bangs... fulle forehead? side swept? non centered part to respect my natural hair growth pattern?
I want something minimal maintenance. My usual hair care on wash day is wash-condition/detangle-crunch-put a headband-leave. :D and my morning hair care is heabdand. full stop. Or braid if it's the end of week and they're getting ugly.

I'm seeking for advice on what can look good and what is to avoid, in terms of length, positionning, maintenance, for curly bangs on 3a/3b hair...

What started it all? Queenie Goldstein in Fantastic Beasts... That's my dream cut. But I doubt this as accessible to my hair nature without a whole load of crap products and heavy maintenance routine. Plus a couple persons would make a heart-attack if I cut that short my glorious long curls...

And now, to find how I can insert photos to show you my curls...


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    Short curls (during regrowth)



    Full length curls with weight:

    2013, really damaged curls because of chemical dyes and silicones

    2016, 10 days after my first henna and the clay mask cure. Gone silicone free since over a couple years.

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