Rick (Ricky?) at Devachan - anyone?

I called today for an appt at Devachan for next Wednesday - the only stylist available is Rick or Ricky - can't remember! I think it's a guy. Anyway, has anyone had any experience with him? It's going to cost $115. <sigh>

I am growing my hair out, and now it is long enough so that if I gather it up when it's sopping wet, I can get it into a scrunchie with about 2 inches max in the ponytail. The curl is kind of loopy, maybe a 3B or C. Anyway, it's very thick, and as it gets longer, it just gets BIGGER, so I am thinking I should explore keeping it shorter if I can just get a style! Instead of it just looking all over the place.

I am just terrified that I am going to get a short, ugly cut and then I'll be stuck again, growing it and not knowing what the heck to do with it. I am getting quite creative with headbands and combs and bobby pins and those little butterfly thingies, but it's a real pain. I'd like something that looks good and is easy! (I can dream, can't I?) :-)

Suburban DC area.

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