help deva cut- back of hair all uneven when curly?

rswrsw Registered Users Posts: 69 Curl Novice
Ug - had my first DRY cut, and not great. And, this by a Devachan defector deemed wonderful by some on this site. Not sure if I should return to him for fixing?

1-Is it normal for back of hair to be uneven WHEN CURLY? sides seem longer than the back. And, after sleeping the back hikes up a lot (so really looks shorter than sides).
(thought purpose of dry cut is to avoid things like this)

2- Front framing -- where is that? I didn't want layers, but there needs t be framing of some form in front (an angle)?
- this is like all one length - a little rosanna danna ish.

Should I go back to him to fix? Or find someone else? He seems a bit of a deva,

He cut hair dry, sent me for shampoo and assistant gooped hair with gel, He never looked too see if it was even or anything??
When I said it looks too long in front -- felt a bit dismissed.


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