2C Hydration for the winter

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What are your favorite hydration methods for the winter? I am somehow finding it difficult to maintain a good moisture in my hair this winter. I live in pretty harsh climates
3B Coarse, low porosity
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  • wycurlswycurls Registered Users Posts: 47
    i always wear my hair in braids,twists or buns unless i am indoors. I use homemade flax seed gel and 0 glyercine. Its a heavy product but amazing moisture- google etsy and naturelle grow. her protein free marshmellow deep conditioner is amazing. gotta use it 1x a week. not good for fine hair peeps. Havent found a great rinse out shampoo/conditioner for harsh climates, tried a lot out there! So many have glycerine in them, which my hair cant handle. Protein is in everything too, another thing my hair hates. I cant cowash very often, but i also liked naturelle grows cleanser which is a cowash, she has a good variety of them.
  • machermacher Registered Users Posts: 1,031 Curl Connoisseur
    My hair is usually much 'flatter' but still wavy in the winter. There's not much I can do to keep it hydrated in the winter like in the spring / summer and I'm ok with it.

    I used Deva Curl weightless shampoo and condish and B'leave-in. In winter I don't scrunch out.1a90ed4dd10c536adec825330d6fb6d0.jpg
  • NellyCurls3NellyCurls3 Registered Users Posts: 5
    My 2c hair is on the coarser afro texture side so I've been using the As I Am leave in conditioner mixed with the Cantu Curl Activator. Followed with their Double Butter Cream and then the Curling Jelly. I seal with castor oil. My hair stays hydrated for a very long time maybe up to 5 days. To refresh i just spritz water and follow up with the As I Am leave in and Cantu Curl Activator mix but just a tiny bit. But currently I'm doing wigs and hair wraps for protective styles
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    I have fine 2C hair and I finally had to kick glycerine to the curb. It made my hair look plump and amazing for 1/2 hour and then like a hot mess. I just tried the Kinky Curly Knot Today as a conditioner and leave in followed by their Curling Custard Gel. I thought I was a cream styler person, but actually, this combo allowed me to wear my day 2 hair down, which happens basically never. I find that I do need a little protein occasionally, so I sometimes use the Devacurl Delight One Condition as a rinse out, but the KCKT as a leave in, etc.
    Fine and low density 2C whirly wavy, hoping to push into 3A with Curly Girl Method - recommitted to curly girl 2017

    Current Products (Experimenting Always)
    Wash: Trader Joes Tea Tree Tingle or Devacurl Delight Low Poo
    Condish: Devacurl Delight One Condition or KCKT
    Styler: Devacurl Styling Cream (looking for something similar without glycerin)... playing with minuscule amounts of Shea Moisture Styling Milk
    Not a fan of gels, but trying: KCCC and Miss Jessie's Jelly Curls

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