3A/3B conditioners/ stylers

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I currently have NO products that I like for my hair. PLEASE HELP LADES <3
My hair does NOT like coconut oil.
I have used the Shea moisture restorative conditioners, it didn't do much for my hair. use it because it is the only conditioner I own but it is not helping my hair at all and makes it frizzy. probably due to the coconut oil.
deva curl dried out my hair!

my hair does like protein! and also, honey?

I am using the Shea moisture High porosity masque to add protein to my weak strands and that helped a bunch but it doesn't do anything for moisture that I desperately need. im currently stopping use of it due to over use of protein.

any suggestions? ill take what I can get. I'm so tired of wasting money on products that wreak havoc on my hair....

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