Need daily hair routine suggestions

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I've been struggling to find out what exactly type of curl I have. I am a biracial male with wavy/curly hair. I would describe myself as a 3a or 3b. The thing is, I have no volume on the top of my head. My hair weighs down on the sides. It kind of looks like a mushroom lol. I also have a problem with halo frizz and dryness. My routine that I usually do is condition my hair in the shower about 5 times a week and every morning I just put in cantu coconut curling cream in my dry hair and that's it. This is obviously not working. Any advice?Attachment not found. btw the picture that I attached is my hair semi wet


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    I have the same issue with volume, and I'm also 3b with a small amount of 3a. I don't know if you currently use any type of shampoo, but for me, I have to use a sulfate free one, instead of conditioner washing. And it's also possible that you might have a little build up, so actually using a regular, sulfate shampoo will help with that. After you clarify once, just start to use the sulfate free one on subsequent wash days, followed by conditioner, and then your leave-in & styling product/s afterwards. Hope this helps, and I know others will have great advice, too :)

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