Coconut oil makes my hair feel hard

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Does that mean my hair hates it?
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    Probably. It could also be that coconut oil is a solid at room temperature, so in colder weather, it can resolidify in your hair, which can lead to breakage.

    There are other, lighter oils to try that are good for hair- olive oil, argan oil, etc.
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    I would say you may just not be using it right.

    It is great for deep conditioning as long as you wash it out.

    If you want to put it on your hair to add shine, that is usually after you have done all the styling and have a leave-in conditioner underneath. It will make your hair feel stronger. It's not going to add moisture that isn't already there. So if you just put it on your hair you may be drying it out.

    If you just want an oil that will feel softer, I would recommend almond or avocado oil. I use those for that purpose.

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    Maybe. Every time I have put straight pure coconut oil in my hair it has been a massive freaking disaster of hard brittle hair. That includes prepoo that I washed out. I can at times use it in formulation or mixed with an oil where the majority is not coconut. Once I use up some products I want to get to where I rarely use it at all.
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