Just another "what's my hair type?" kinda thread :p

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Hey curlies!
I've been "stalking" this website for a while (I've gotta say that it's a really wonderful community, and helpful too!) and now I've decided to make an account of my own...and of course, the first thing that I wanted to ask once I became a member of NaturallyCurly was "What is my hair type?" :) Hopefully, I can get some help from you wonderful gals.
As a little girl, I had wavy-curly hair, but as I grew up I didn't really treat it as I should have: rough towels, blow-drying on high heat and without a diffuser, sleeping on it (I even call the left side of my head "The Badlands", because I used to sleep on it a lot and the hair there is a little flatter than my right side...but I hope things will get better now that I pinapple it and sleep on a silk scarf that I tied on my pillow as a pillowcase) etc. I recently bought and started using Phil Smith's Be Curly shampoo and conditioner (I also mix in some hydrating conditioner with honey extract) and apply some Kardashian Beauty Curl Defining Cream-Gel into my wet hair...sometimes, I put in some Garnier Hydra Curls Mousse. It depends. Right now I'm kinda struggling to manage a decent-looking 2nd and 3rd day hair (I wash my locks on Wednesday and Sunday), but we'll see. I'm still working on it.
Thanks for stopping by my thread! Kisses! :*<3

P.S. I've attached some photos...I ain't really made for photography, I know that :)) The single, isolated curl that you see in one of the photos is my favorite curl :p If only all of my hair looked like that! Also, note that the photos that I have attached show the side of my head...the curls that frame my face and the ones in the back tend to be curlier from what I've seen


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    I had a favorite curl in the same spot before more of my curls came back, lol. At the moment, I'd guess 2C/ 3A because your curls start a few inches down, but that could change. Or you have 2C/3A on top and and 3B on bottom. Hard to tell. Things change a lot in the first few months.
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    Thank you, curlyamaryllis! You were right about the changes; this is my 2nd month of curly hair and I'm still "transitioning" and carefully observing it, lol
  • beatricebetty2beatricebetty2 Registered Users Posts: 3
    W is for Wednesday and also for washday lol ;) My left side seems to be progressing, which is great...the only sad part is that I have no idea how to keep from falling flat until the next wash day...:cry:

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