Possible Deva Curl Issue

BrasherkBrasherk Posts: 3Registered Users
I just got a ouidad cut for the first time and she did an amazing job. When I went to pick up some product I couldn't bring myself to pay $26 for 8 oz of gel when she used so much. I would go right through 8 oz. I decided to try deva curl before jumping into the ouidad money pit. It worked really well after my next shower. I had minimal frizz and was loving my hair. Then I woke up yesterday and my day 2 curls, while looking better than day 2 ouidad curls, felt extremely dry and crunchy and gross. My head also started itching and continued all day. Here we are day 3 (which is typically when I wash anyway) but my hair is flat out nasty and itches terribly. I had run out and bought a bigger thing for ultra defining gel, let it be leave in, -and finishing spray. I'm hesitant to use any of them. My scalp really never itches like this. Are there better, less expensive products for my 2b/3a curls? I'm not on a no or lo poo method yet, as I need to finish my bottles of nexxus first. I just really want a great product that will leave me with softer more defined curls and I'm not sure deva is it after all.

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