How much can your curl texture change over a lifetime?

Hi, I'm curious. Someone help me out?

My boyfriend is of mixed Southern/Western European origin and his hair baffles me because when I look at him right now and then at old photos, it's like I'm looking at a different person.

As baby and small child? Straight, fine, dark blonde hair with a bit of bounce to it. Late teens, the colour turned dark brown and it started curling until it looked more Weird Al. Early twenties, he had black corkscrew curls with a w/ tight bounce to them, I'd say easily 3B/3C based on old photos. Mid-thirties, his hair is more salt and pepper and looks 2C, except for the front bits that are closer to 2A or 2B with a very, very loose wave. I don't think the white hairs curl that much less than the black ones, but somehow his hair looks totally different from what it used to just six years ago.

How does this even happen? I get that there are some changes over a lifetime, my hair has def not always looked the same and I notice a lot of people have changes when they grow from childhood to adulthood, plus I have my own experience as a fine haired wavy with highly temperamental hair-- the right products really make a difference there.

But his hair... has been all over the place. There's a lot of it, soft and kind of fine (dude measured his hair width because, duh, it's for science-- 60 microns in width) and the condition is pretty decent, low porosity. I thought at first that maybe this is a question of using the right products, but changing shampoos and conditioners, clarifying, etc hasn't changed anything: his hair does exactly what it wants to when it wants to and the curl pattern is the same now as it was when I started subjecting him to my product experiments almost half a year ago. Can curl pattern really change so much over a lifetime, especially as an adult?

Oh, and he wants his corkscrew curls back, of course. :tongue5:


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    Quite a lot, actually.

    Many different factors can affect curl pattern- general health, hormones, diet, use of heat, exposure to the sun and other elements, climate, etc.

    So moving to a different climate, like say from Florida to Colorado could change your curls. Taking up a hobby that keeps you out in the sun- like marathon running- could. Developing a chronic illness or switching to veganism could change your curls. Puberty really changes things, but so does aging.
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    My silver strands are coming in very straight so they are easy to find and yank out because they have very little wave at all. Opposite of my 3a/b natural hair.
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