Hello I am new here! Devacurl and general newbee questions!

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Hello all!

SO I just recently became introduced to this whole new world of curly hair care. Pretty much for my entire life I did nothing to it and my hair was average and uneven. Then, I was referred by a friend to a new salon and it changed my world haha

I have learned a lot but still have lots of questions!

I have come to believe my hair is 2c on average. Quite "whirly" but also has lots of ringlets and annoying straight-ish sections. My avatar picture is a normal hair day for me with little product/effort. After I went to the salon I was introduced to Devacurl. I fell in love with the result! I could not believe how even and curly my hair was! I have had so much trouble in the past with having a consistent curl pattern that I was very impressed. My hairdresser suggested I use the no-poo and original one conditioner, but now using it on my own for about a week I have one complaint. My hair feels...heavy? When I get out of the shower, dry, and style it, it ends up having a "wet" look. Not so much greasy, just wet and not as soft as it was to the touch using supermarket products. I kind of describe it as feeling sweaty. I never had trouble with dry hair so I think the products might be over moisturizing my hair?

Do any of you know what I might be doing wrong? I am new to no-poos and am aware of the "grease" period? Is this just the stage I am at?

I was also thinking about trying the Devacurl Delight line. The name makes it sound like a "lighter" alternative. Is it? Do any of you know from experience if this might fix my problem?

Finally, any alternatives that are just as curl defining but a little more cost effective?

Thank you for any input at all :smile:
(also I am new to forums as well and I'm sorry if this is like too long or in te wrong section haha)


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    I do know what you mean, because that heavy, wet look is how I know it's time to shampoo. I switched over to Deva's nopoo (and their curl cream) when it got dry with the season change because my hair freaked out, but I still need to use a low poo once a week or so, and I use a clarifying shampoo occasionally, too.

    There are other, less expensive cleansing conditioners, As I Am cowash is a popular choice. You can also just use conditioner, people often use cheap, silicone free conditioners for washing, like V05. You can also use a low poo (a shampoo that does not contain sulfates) every wash or every other or just when you notice your hair going weird.

    (I know. There are no absolutes in the curl game. You just have to try stuff until you see what works for you. Then the seasons change and you have to figure it all out again, lol.)

    You could definitely try the new wavy line. You could also venture into curlmart and look at reviews. Look for people with hair like yours and see what they say.
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