New subbie, help needed!!

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Hello everyone!

This is my first post on this forum, I did the big chop about 6 months ago, I didn’t cut all my hair off but probably around 3/4 of my hair (the heat damaged ends). It hasn’t grown a hell of a lot in the past 6 months but I have watched the curls come back, stronger, shinier and healthier! I am so IN LOVE with them however I have a few questions that I would be so so grateful if you could all help me out with!

1) I am not sure of my hair type, I believe I am a 3C but not entirely sure (I will attach a photo where my hair is around 60% dry)

2) I find that my hair seems to get really flat (especially at the back and crown of my hair although I don’t have thin hair? I mostly let it air dry because when I defuse it, it REALLY shrinks and my hair is quite short as it is at the moment… any advice on how to get more volume on these areas and any reasons why this may be happening?

Thank you in advance and if you think of any extra tips I could use I would be more than grateful to read them! :thumright:

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