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Newbie here looking for new products.

A bit of history... my hair used to be poker straight, around age 25 it decided to get funky. My hair is very fine, and don't have a lot of it either so I was mighty happy to get some wiggles in it.
If i want to get the look in my profile pic, I have to use quite a bit of products and must diffuse. Without products my hair is very limp with lots of flyaways.
The products I use right now are probably not the best for my hair, especially that I have highlights and lowlights too.

SO.... I'm looking for a healthier method of getting similar results.

As of now, I use Defining Shampoo Curl Solutions by Ion, Curl Defining Conditioner most of the time. Sometimes I use Ion Blonde Enhancing Shampoo and conditioner but my hair feels so weird afterwards...
Also use Ion Effective Care Treatment for some more moisture.

Now, the worse part.... I have been using curling mousse and some curling spray to get the results I want with my diffuser, which I'm pretty sure have alcohol in them... So those are the ones I desperately need to change because I feel them drying my hair out.
My stylist says I don't have a lot of damage but when I wash it, I get a huge glob of hair that comes out. Only wash once about every 5-6 days.

Sorry for the novel... but after reading a few threads it seems I really need serious help!
Been trying to figure out what products to use... I don't want my hair to clump, I like the strands separated because it just looks like I have more hair that way. Also, I need something with strong hold, don't mind a bit of crunch either! I think my hair is very pours... If i hear on the news that it might get humid outside (North AL) my hair already starts frizzing up already and gets limp...

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!


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    The hair loss is normal. You lose ~100 hairs a day, but she'd curly hairs can't fall out, so if you're only washing every 5-6 days, you're pulling out 500-600 shed hairs at once.

    Do you do any deep conditioning? Oils? Protein treatments? Fine hair needs those, especially bleached hair. (I, too, have fine thin hair. And I bleached it to death.) cVS and rite aid both sell these little packs of deep conditioner, hask argan oil. I get 3-4 treatments out of a pack. For protein, sally beauty supply sells neutral protein filler. I added 2 drops to my leave in conditioner today and whoa! my hair lurves it!

    Ion sells an olaplex dupe, color perfector. Try it! It made my hair soft and bouncy. You can buy a kit with 12 treatments for $12.99. Just mix step one with 4 oz of water to use as a stand alone treatment, follow with step 2. Use once a month.

    Products. I use kinky curly curling custard over knot today applied over wet hair. I cut out silicones and sulfates, it does seem to help.
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    at home gelatin PT
    Hask Argan Oil Deep Conditioner
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    I use Protein Cocktail from Beyond The Zone, also their Split Mender on the ends which did help with breakage.
    For treatment I use Ion's Effective Care Treatment which does seem to help. The shampoo is sulfate free, not sure about silicone...I guess I better check!

    I have recently started using Olaplex #3 which did seem to make a big difference with my curls, it brings them back to life... but it's pretty pricey so don't use it with every wash.

    So do the kinky curly curling custard and knot today make your hair soft? I def. don't need my hair softer, if anything, I could use a little crunch.... it seems to keep the curl better like that.

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