URGENT: Health/damage hair crisis

Hi everyone! So, I have 3C/4A hair and went natural with a big chop in 2010. I became really good at taking care of my hair & it grew thick & long, even after a few bleach & color jobs for fashion shows. I used general drugstore products to wash & condition, then Shea Moisture products mostly. THEN:
2013: my hair was growing out of a style & I didn't know what to do with it, so I texturized it. Regret #1. I then straightened it a lot over the next year, resulting in more damage, until I couldn't stand the jumbled textures anymore &

2014: Big chop again. Everything was fine until
2015: In CA, suddenly my hair wasn't responding to product as before and would often 'harden' and stick to itself as soon as water hit it. I thought hard water was the culprit, and sought out products with chemicals to combat mineral build-up. Helped a little, but
THE PROBLEM CONTINUED. I moved across the country and my hair still behaved the same way. Which led to more trials, including henna and texturizing my hair again, which I had promised myself I wouldn't do.

2015-2016: Henna and indigo, texturize, bleach to fix too-dark hair from indigo, using a 'questionable' henna product (possibly not pure)

And on top of this, I now know that I have a thyroid condition, which may have started my hair's demise. My hair NEVER acted this way before 2015. It was easy to detangle, rarely required trims; but now it resists detangling, becomes matted easily, knots frequently even though I've been trimming it often and it literally takes an hour or more just to detangle and get product through.

The bad thing is, with thyroid issues comes hair loss, so now more than ever I need to detangle my hair daily to keep shed hair from causing more chaos in my curls. But painful, hour-and-longer detangling sessions are not reasonable, I can't do that daily.

If you read to this point, thank you. I hope this helps someone. I now am much more educated about natural hair care, because of my health issues, and am trying to transition to an all-natural regimen, thus eliminating the possibility of silicones & other synthetic substances clogging my pores or otherwise negatively affecting my hair & health.

But what should I do? I am close to chopping my hair off a THIRD TIME, but if there's any way possible I can keep my length I'd like to, because long curly hair is much simpler to style, for me. The length looks okay, and feels soft somewhat, but is noticeably more brittle and 'hard' than my new growth, which is moist and soft. I just trimmed it a few days ago, and already the ends are tangling and knotting irrevocably, not like years ago when I could generally pull apart any tangle. I'm considering:

Big Chop: Chopping it all off, focusing on natural hair care and keeping sebum distributed evenly from now on for maximum moisture & protection.

Hanging on & 'transitioning' again: Texturize/Relax length except new growth, so at least the damaged ends won't tangle as easily, and enjoy having long hair I can put in a braid or bun. This WOULD involve texturizing hair twice, but I barely left it on the first time. I figure if it doesn't go well, it's okay because I was going to chop it off anyway. But, it's also damaging already damaged hair. I just wonder if straightening it will at least keep the knots at bay.

If you're new to being natural, I don't want to scare you. My natural hair is beautiful & I've worn short afros twice. I've just made some bad decisions, coupled with health issues affecting my hair and not knowing what to do. Even if I chop my hair, what if my natural hair starts 'rebelling' against water and product again? I never found a solution to that other than henna, which seemed to help, but red doesn't suit my skin tone. Anyway, any advice would be SO, SO SO GREATLY APPRECIATED. Happy Thanksgiving!

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