Help! I need advice badly!!

Ok. I been natural going on two years. Well I think my hair is natural. My texture is curly, wavy, straight. Its also super frizzy. I gotten it bleached and dyed earlier last yr and got it dyed again this yr to dark brown. The bottom of my hair is dry. My hair is limp. My hair is not working with me. Twist outs and bantu knots will not work. My hair doesnt hang right. I noticed it takes longer for it to dry. Im so tired of spending countless money on products that doesnt do anything. That LOC method is a joke when it comes to my hair. Also my roots are like a tight coil curl. Idk if thats my acutal texture or not. The whole time I been "natural" my frustration with my hair has been high and I am very close to chopping it off. I dont know what to do. I shouldnt have this many textures. I had it was before I first died my hair. Should I just cut off my hair or just get my ends clipped and keep working on it?

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