Tresemme naturals conditioner question

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Many of us have noticed that Tresemme naturals have apparently been discontinued and now offer only 2 formulas. Only one does not have cones. FOr those of you who are using the new conditioner, without the cones, how do you think it compares to the old formula(s)?

(I do have quite and issue with the overpowering smell of the conditioner...)


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    I have used both.I used TRESemme Naturals for about 5 years and I currently have and use the TRESemme Botanique line.The older one was more white,a bit thinner and smooth/even in consistency.You probably know that that conditioner was famous for slip and I had that result using it as well.The new one is thicker and creamy(about the same level of creaminess though),has lots of fatty alcohols,coconut oil and aloe leaf juice in the first five ingredients. The slip is still decent so besides the new name (which was supposedly changed because of a settlement),packaging and a strong presence of the coconut smell,the product isn't dramatically different.My hair is very thick and dense but I could see this being a bit heavy for fine,thin hair.
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    Dang. I dont think that will work for me, then. I am also way put off by the smell, the smell! I believe the company was sold, and that is why we have lost our beloved conditioner.
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    I like it just the same. I know others have had issues but so far, it offers the same amount of slip and moisture than its predecessor.
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    I found it to be not as softening as Naturals. I cant tell which ingredient or lack thereof is making the difference though.
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