Hi All and hair type?

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Nice to meet all of you. :)

I'm new here obviously and new to actually working with my hair as something that is a part of my body I should properly care for rather than just 'stuff sitting on my head', :D I mean, that's not to say I've always treated my hair badly as such, but really starting to look into the science behind it and realising how important it is to care for it properly,

As such, looking forward to getting to know you, trade tips and stories etc. :)

On that note, I'd appreciate some help working out my hair type. (I'll upload pictures below if this computer will let me). I *think* and that is quite provisional that I'm somewhere between a 2c and 3a based on the fact that as the family joke goes, I seem to have inherited my grandmother's hair as we seem to both have hair that's tough as wire wool and could repel bullets. Not I hasten to add, that I've had any cause to try the latter but it could be amusing! :D Also, when I first really started growing my hair out as previously I'd always opted for shorter styles, my hair tended to pile on top of my head as tight bouncy curls and indeed when I have it cut even now, well the effect is kind of like a scroll of paper, the hair ends just kind of roll themselves back up into curls once dry, accounting for the weight added by the length of course.

Sorry for the ramble, as I say advice much appreciated and lovely to meet you. I know in terms of other factors that I'm medium to high density more so high as my hair takes forever to dry once (finally) wet, relatively elastic and probably about medium width, low porosity. The latter I know for a fact as my hair takes forever to get wet as I said, but also another running joke in my family is how my hair repels water, i.e. even as a child my mother commented that when bathing me the water would either spray out from the top of my head or just sit there, this being the shorter but still thick density etc hair coming into play again.

So yes, in an attempt not to ramble anymore, lovely to meet you all and insight into hair type much appreciated. :)

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