Help very frustrated and need suggestions

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My hair is very frizz prone and gets over moisturized very easily. It is also very picky with products. So far it likes Kinky Curly Come Clean and Knot Today. The problem comes with getting a styler or other product to help it to look good and maintain a healthy moisture protein balance. My hair does not like or need a bunch of oil. Right now I am using sweet almond oil to seal and finish my hair but I believe it is overmoisturizing my hair causing over shedding when I use it with the Kinky Curly leave in. As a solution I have been trying out protein treatments but they have been causing breakage. I have used keratin, soy, wheat, neutral protein filler, gelatin and products with silk protein haven't impressed. I have tried natural gels but my hair hates aloe vera gel and flax seed gel hasn't impressed. I am not sure if my hair does not need either a protein or oil and just needs a gel, if it only needs a protein and oil with no gel, maybe a prepoo with a protein and gel or just a protein gel. The problem is that no gel I have tried so far works either it doesn't mix well with my leave in and the natural gels have not worked and the proteins I have tried have only caused breakage. I don't know where to go from here and my hair is a mess. Any protein or gel suggestion would be appreciated along with any thoughts to solve this problem.

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