Got 2nd Day Hair!!

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I first got 2nd day hair on a trip to Dallas earlier this month, but attributed it to the curl-friendlier climate. I've since got it twice this week and want to share what did it for me. (I'm taking pictures with my new camera but still trying to figure out how to download-photos soon)

Day before--
Cowash with TJ Nourish, rinseout with Robert Craig, [buylink=]Milkshake[/buylink] as leave in, Aubrey organics Mandarin Magic jelly for gel. When dried, I mixed a few sprays of [buylink=]Devacurl Set it Free[/buylink] and a finger-tip of [buylink=]Blended Cutie Soft Curls & Swirls[/buylink], smoothed in and pulled back hair in a pony for a minute to stretch out curls, then fluffed. I slept with hair bound loosely in 2 scuncis.

Today, I smoothed in a rice-sized bit of Anita Grant Sapote Oil and showered with hair in a plastic cap. After shower, smoothed in the Set it Free/[buylink=]Soft curls & Swirls[/buylink] mix, put back into scuncies for 3 minutes, unbound and fluffed. I touched up a few tiny pices with wet hands and [buylink=]Confident Coils[/buylink]. I can't stop looking the the mirror! I think the product making the difference is AO Mandarin Magic -- I just started using it this month.
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